Thursday, 23 November 2017

What points make CPAs different from common Accountants

To understand the role of a CPA, you need to know that what type of duties a CPA needs to perform.   All the affairs related to accounting like bookkeeping, government audit, taxation and planning, analysis of any financial information and preparation of latest values of various assets come under duties of CPAs. In addition, assessment of any value after depreciation is also under the job responsibilities of CPAs. These are the people who considered more responsible than normal Accountants.  Every accountant cannot be considered under the category of CPA. These people are not only different because of a special certification but also covering additional load of responsibilities. Like other states and cities of USA, CPA in Long Island also possesses some specialties.  Big or small enterprises, official organizations, firms, and individual business organizations are on their client list.  Their certification adds a layer of trust and makes them more reliable than common Accountants. CPAs are able to make the financial goals for business organizations because of dealing with highly experienced seniors.  Three major points that make the CPA more reliable and professional:-

  • License: Every CPA needs to qualify a test for getting licensed.  This testing asks duration of minimum 150 hours from course and minimum one year’s experience under any well-established CPA. These CPAs need to pass the test of taxation, auditing, and common accounting terms.  After passing the examination, they become eligible for getting licensed.
  • Responsible professional: CPA in Long Island considered as more responsible professional because she/he designs the future of business organizations. Advice of the CPAs is considered most important for running and smooth functioning of business houses.

  • Delegation of power: Accountants are eligible to prepare a taxation form but submission or solution of the same is only empowered to a CPA.

This is for your common information that every CPA is an Accountant but you can’t address every Accountant as CPA.  This is because of certification and the differences written above.

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